College Basketball for a Family Fun Weekend

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When looking for a fun activity that the whole family can do together, why not consider a college basketball game? You can even make an entire weekend out of the event. When planning your college basketball weekend, make sure you have enough tickets for everyone in your family that wants to go. Chances are, if [...]

Night Life in the Great Lake State

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Michigan is commonly referred to as the Great Lake State due to the fact that it is surrounded by four of the five great lakes, creating two separate peninsulas within the state itself. If you are looking to explore a beautiful state with a lot to offer travelers, then you might want to consider the [...]

Coastal City Attractions for Family Vacations

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There are plenty of coastal city attractions for family vacations in the Great Lakes region. Museums in the area have exhibits on maritime history. Visitors to the region can explore historic homes and lighthouses. People who enjoy music can attend concerts performed by symphony orchestras in cities on the shores of the lakes. Shoppers will [...]

Michigan’s Produce

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You’ve seen plenty of reruns of Home Improvement on your Michigan Direct TV and you’ve been drawn in by those Travel Michigan commercials – it’s time for a trip! This is a great time of year to go and the nice thing about Michigan is that they grow all types of produce, check out our [...]

History of Michigan’s Nickname: The Great Lake State

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Michigan is a beautiful state with a beautiful name taken from the Indian words “Michi-gama” which mean large lake. With so much water in and surrounding the state it is no wonder that Indians may have thought they were enveloped by one giant lake. Michigan is actually comprised of two very distinct parts. The Upper [...]

Speed Boating on the Great Lakes

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The Great Lakes have much more to offer than the crowded beaches on the Pacific Coast. Here, you and your family can visit historical sites and scenic forests before heading down to the pristine beaches for relaxation, swimming, and fishing. For proactive individuals and families, there are many opportunities that the Great Lakes have to [...]

The History of The Ice Fishing

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The history of the ice fishing started roughly 3,000 years ago. Back then spears and hooks were made from bone or wood. Horsehair or silk made up the fishing line and cutting a hole in the ice with a knife was always a bit difficult. Ice fishing has always been a social event. Having others [...]

Is Michigan the New Hollywood?

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You may not know it, but Michigan has seen a growing number of movies being filmed in the state over 30 in 2010 as a matter of fact.And the state has growing incentives to increase that number as time goes on.So if you’re longing for a Michigan fix and can’t get there (or don’t want [...]

Upper Peninsula Winter Weather

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Michigan aligns itself with the adage of “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” since its dynamic weather conditions can often be viewed as a challenge. Another challenge to the weather is the different regions in which Michigan is constructed. For example, some areas have to be respectful of lake-effect snow patterns while [...]

Greenfield Village

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If you are a history lover, there are plenty of Michigan attractions to fulfill your longing for the past. However, with over 80 acres of historic districts, Greenfield Village is one of the state’s best historical attractions. Not only can you visit Noah Webster’s home (creator of the first American dictionary), but also, the court [...]